AOSEED PLA Filament 1.75mm for X-MAKER

AOSEED PLA Filament 1.75mm for X-MAKER

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PLA Filament Specs - N.W:1KG spool (approximately 2.2 lbs), 1.75 mm filament diameter, dimensional accuracy +/- 0.02 mm, Print Temp: Recommended extrusion/nozzle temp 190°C - 220°C (374°F - 428°F).

More Colors to Choose From - AOSEED offers a range of colors of 3D printing filament to choose from, allowing you to unleash your creativity and bring your ideas to life in vivid detail.

High-Quality Filament - AOSEED PLA 3D printer filament offers a smooth and beautiful printing experience. Its dimensional accuracy of +/-002mm ensures consistent and precise prints.

User-Friendly - Our 3D printing filament is compatible with the AOSEED X-MAKER 3D Printer, making it the perfect choice for beginners and professionals alike. The PLA filament is warp-free, high-tenacity, and doesn't leave any residue between models, making it easy to work with.

Tangle Free & Moisture Free - Full mechanical winding and strict
manual examination avoid any tangling issues. Complete drying for 24 hours before packaging and vacuum sealed with desiccants in a transparent bag, which can effectively protect the PLA filament from moisture.

Safe & Environmental Friendly - AOSEED's PLA 3D Printer Filament is made of environmental friendly starch raw materials extracted from renewable plant resources such as corn without any whitening agents, giving your prints a clean and natural look. No irritating odor which is harmless to the human body, very light smell.