One-of-a-kind creative powerhouse: X-MAKER Family Pack – AOSEED

One-of-a-kind creative powerhouse: X-MAKER Family Pack

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Product Features

· Effortless 3D Printing:AOSEED X-MAKER 3D Printer requires no complex setup or calibration. Easy for kids to design and print.
· A Factory of Creativity: Unleash the imagination with 6 free dedicated toy custom apps tailored for children aged 4-12. Witness 3D printing technology metamorphose into a realm of personalized toy creation.
· Empowering 3D Design: With 9 free but captivating 3D theme design apps, children dive into the world of 3D design effortlessly. No prior experience needed – just pure creative exploration.
· Playful Possibilities: Some theme design apps incorporate gamification, providing an immersive experience. The end result? Customized 3D printed toys that offer an array of engaging play options.
· Your Canvas of Choice: Access our constantly updated library of 3D models, spanning thousands of options for diverse purposes and interests, ensuring continuous creative inspiration.
· Two FREE 3d design software: Enjoy the fun of two free 3D design software packages, AOSEED will continue providing additional lessons.
· Wireless Smart Printing: Simply press a button for easy printing. Supports SD/USB printing, no internet needed.
· Enclosed Creative Workshop: Safe design isolates fumes. Leveling-free bed ensures high-quality prints.
· Excellent Print Quality: Precision of 0.1/0.05 mm and printing rate of 160mm/s for accurate and detailed prints.
· Ultra Silent Printing: Specially designed motor operates at less than 50 dB, providing a virtually silent printing experience.

X-MAKER 3D Printer for Kids

Best companion that sparks children's creativity

15+ Gamified 3D Free Design Gadgets

Make creation touchable. Easy for kids to DIY digital creations.

Effortless 3D Printing

AOSEED X-MAKER 3D Printer is fully assembled and requires no complex setup, or manual equipment calibration before starting printing. The intuitive software and user-friendly interface make it easy for kids to design and print their creations.

Enclosed Creative Workshop

AOSEED enclosed 3D printers offer a range of benefits that prioritize safety for your family. With an enclosed design, harmful fumes and emissions are isolated.

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