AOSEED great X-KIT unlimited Robot Toy Creation Combo-Kit With 3D Printer

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Type: 3D Printer

COMBO Pack = Double Get!

X-KIT unlimited robot toy kit *2

X-KIT cool App with endless gameplays *2

X-KIT is an unlimited robot creation kit made for 3D Printing.

It includes a hub, servo motors, sensors, connectors, additional tools, and more importantly a fantastic easy-to-use app for the whole family.

With X-KIT, you can simply choose your favorite robot from the many templates in the app, print it and it is ready to use. Or you can use advanced modularized 3D design functions to create advanced, custom robots with 3D printing and coding.

Happy Time at the Aquarium

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Unlimited robot creation possibilities

X-KIT offers unlimited possibilities for robot creation, allowing users to explore their creativity and imagination.

Equipped with various tools

The X-KIT comes with all the necessary tools and components required to build a functional robot, including hub, servo motors, sensors, and connectors, making it a comprehensive kit.